Fiona Heaney

Project Manager

Fiona is a seasoned project manager with more than eight years of experience in the construction industry. She has had exposure to every aspect of the project life cycle; from getting creative in the design and feasibility stage to managing the construction process and selling the end products herself. Her experience ranges from small-scale renovations ($3M) to large-scale multi-phase residential and commercial developments. ($800M).

Her diverse range of qualifications in Science, Project Management, Leadership, Management and Coaching enables Fiona to approach her projects with an analytical mindset that is solution-focused and results-oriented. Fiona is also known for her genuine person-centred collaboration, resulting in successful project delivery again and again.

Fiona is passionate about diversity and inclusion and can be found supporting and empowering other women to grow and develop in the construction industry.

When she’s not on the job, Fiona loves a balance of adventure and downtime which involves exploring the great outdoors of BC, practicing Yoga, or travelling further afield.