April Paynter

Project Coordinator

April is a dedicated Project Coordinator with a passion for bringing efficiency and organization to every project. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for coordinating complex schedules and tasks, April ensures that projects run smoothly from inception to completion.

Beyond the professional realm, April is an avid Disney enthusiast, finding joy and inspiration in the timeless magic of Disney stories and characters. Whether it’s visiting the theme parks, collecting memorabilia, or staying updated with the latest Disney releases, April embraces the wonder and creativity that Disney represents.

In addition to a love for all things Disney, April is also a passionate history enthusiast, with a particular focus on the Tudor era. Fascinated by the rich and turbulent history of this period, April enjoys delving into historical research, reading biographies, and exploring the lives of iconic figures like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Anne Boleyn.

Combining professional dedication with diverse personal interests, April brings a unique and engaging perspective to every endeavour. Whether coordinating a complex project or sharing insights about Tudor history, April approaches each task with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence.